Pacific Coast Numismatic Society 2019 Papers

2019 PCNS Papers

2019 Table of Contents
  1. Coin Ages by Stephen Huston First Place
    An examination of the development of dating systems on coins from Ancient times to the 20th Century
  2. Frisco's Old East Street by Jerry Schimmel Second Place
    Sailor Saloons and Little Brass Checks with side trips to Jackson Street and The Cliff House
  3. San Francisco Remembers the Franco-Prussian War by Willliam Hyder Third Place
    A description of the Medals and San Francisco's Commemoration
  4. What We Owe Rome by Mark Benvenuto
    Modern Coinage Features Ancient Ideas
  5. Roma Pacifica by Michael Wehner
    The Pheobe Hearst Medals
  6. The Kashu Hotel by Jerry Schimmel
    The tokens and history of The Kashu Hotel in San Francisco
  7. The Monarch Card Machine Company by Jerry Schimmel
    The tokens and history of the Monarch Card Machine Co. of San Francisco — and a bit of the Beach

2019 Papers posted June 2020
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